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The Ultimate Guide To A Beginners Skincare Routine.

Are you new to skincare or just want to switch up your routine and start from scratch? You’re in the right place! In the age of social media and tiktok trends, most don't want, or have time for a 15-step routine. Introducing ✨ skin minimalism ✨, A trend that spotlights products with multi-purpose benefits that can have the most impact on the skin, giving you the best value you can get! At Chateau Glow, we work with our clients to adjust their skincare routine, making it as effective as a 15-step routine, using minimal products. Creating an effective skincare routine will come from 3 core steps for everyone's routine. Let’s get into it!


Washing your face can seem like a chore when there's ten other things to do - but skipping your cleanser in the morning and evening isn't ideal. Your morning cleanse is going to remove the oils and sweat that have built up throughout the night. Your night time cleanse is going to remove all the dirt, SPF, makeup and skincare products that were applied in the morning. We always recommend double cleaning for 60 seconds, specifically at night - giving your skin a clean slate to apply your nighttime products.


The correction step is for your treatment products. Weather it be a targeted serums that contain the highest concentration of active ingredients to help lighten and brighten or an exfoliating ingredient to help with acne or skin texture - these products were designed to make a change to your skin. When using products to treat or correct a skin concern, you will see why the next step is a non-negotiable.


Sun protection is what's going to protect you and your largest organ (the skin). An estimated 90% of skin aging is caused by the sun. Using an SPF of 15 or higher daily show 24% less skin aging than those who do not use sunscreen daily. SPF helps to prevent premature aging caused by the sun. This includes wrinkles, age spots, pigmentation, UVA and UVB damage, along with the scariest one of all.. Skin cancer. Everyone, no matter your gender identity, age or skin color MUST wear SPF daily! Sun protection is going to protect your investment!

The best advice we can give someone starting a skincare routine is to be consistent. Consistency is key when getting on a skincare routine. We believe that less is more! There is a time and place for a 15-step skincare routine but it isn’t necessary for everyone. Cleanse, correct and protect is going to be the core steps to start your routine! If you’re looking for some fun extras to add into your routine, check out this blog post about self-care at home. Not sure where to start? At Chateau Glow, we work with our clients to adjust their skincare routine making them as effective as possible!


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