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4 Tips To Keep Your Skincare Sanitary AF.

If you’re spending money on skincare products and not keeping your skincare sanitary, you might as well throw away your products. Because we use these products so close to our eyes, nose and mouth, keeping everything as clean as possible is the best practice.

Wash Your Hands Before Touching Your Face.

This kind of goes without saying. We CONSTANTLY touch our phones, laptops, door knobs, etc.

Hands should be washed with soap and water for at least 20 seconds (or for the amount of time you can sing “happy birthday” twice) before applying your skincare products. If soap and water isn't available, using an alcohol based hand sanitizer with at least 60% alcohol to help destroy germs can be used. If you're not washing your hands before touching your face.. well use your imagination.

Avoid Touching The Dropper To Your Skin.

Ahh serums- our most prized possession. Serums can be found in a dropper bottle to help provide precise measurement of a product. Serums are typically more expensive than the majority of your skincare products because they contain active ingredients. By touching the dropper to your face or your hand (no matter how clean your hands are), you are introducing bacteria into your product, risking contamination.

Use A Spatula Instead Of Your Fingers.

Never use your fingers to scoop out products from a jar. Regardless of how clean our hands are, by dipping your fingers into your product you are introducing bacteria. This can cause your skincare to be contaminated and may even be less effective over time. Pro tip-buy a pack of beauty spatulas off amazon or from your local convenience store. That way, you will never be tempted to grab the product with your fingers.

Routinely Clean Your Brushes And Tools.

Keeping your makeup brushes and your skincare tools clean is another important tip. Liquid products like foundation or highlight tend to harbor more bacteria on your makeup brush bristles than powder products like setting powder or eye shadow. Cleaning your makeup brushes once a week will ensure your skin is free from unnecessary bacteria. Washing your skincare tools like gua sha or your facial roller with soap and water after each use will remove previous products applied with the tool. For makeup brushes and facial tools, I always recommend a spray or 2 of at least 60% alcohol for added disinfection.


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