What The Heck Is A Milia?!

Have you ever noticed those little white bumps that may occur around your eyes or on your eyelids? Those are actually called milia!

Milia are small epidermal cysts filled with keratin. These cysts get trapped under the surface of the skin and typically occur under the eye or on the eyelid, on the cheeks or forehead. A lot of the time milias are caused by products like heavy eye creams or pore-clogging skincare, genetics, sleeping in your makeup and a lack of exfoliation. ⁣⁣

Milia can pop up on skin of all ages. As previously mentioned, milia can be spotted under the eye or on the eyelid because of a lack of oil glands. This is what causes the buildup of dead skin and products which result in the small white, hard bump you may be experiencing.


How To Get Rid Of Milia:

Professional Extractions.

Getting your milia professional extracted is the best way to remove them. The skin needs to be prepped and punctured with a sterile needle (a lancet) and done in a sterile environment, with the right amount of pressure. Please, don’t try this at home - as it may cause more damage to the skin.

How To Prevent Milia: