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So You Got A Facial, Now What?

Picture this-you just had the most amazing and relaxing facial. Your skin is feeling clean, plump, smooth and hydrated. But now what? Do you wash your face before bed? Do you use your normal skincare products? This post is going to give you the scoop about what to do and what not to do after your facial treatment!

Let's Start With What You Shouldn’t Do.

Don't Sleep On A Dirty Pillowcase or Reuse Your Dirty Face Masks

The worst thing you can do after your facial is not change your pillowcases and facemasks. They harbor dirt, sweat, oil and makeup build up. Laying your head on a dirty pillowcase or wearing a dirty face mask can cause breakouts. To avoid unnecessary breakouts, keep your pillow cases and face masks clean and wash them with a fragrance free detergent.

Don't Exfoliate Or Use Active Ingredients for 72 Hours

Throughout a facial treatment, a deep cleansing, exfoliation and active ingredients are used. Using actives and exfoliating after the treatment can dry your skin out, cause irritation or sensitivity. Keep your skincare minimal for the next few days.

Don't Pick Your Skin

After a facial treatment, skin purging may occur. For healthy cells to cycle to the surface, sometimes underlying breakouts rise to the surface first. Breakouts can happen due to the increased amount of cell turnover that happens from exfoliating and active ingredients.

Avoid Excess Sun Exposure

Protecting your skin from sun exposure is always important, but avoiding the sun after a facial is crucial. Your freshly exfoliated skin is more susceptible to UVB (burning) rays and can be easily irritated.

Some other things to avoid after a facial include:

Wearing makeup and working out for 24 hours

Saunas and steam rooms for 48 hours

Laser, waxing and threading services for 7 days

What You Should Do After Your Facial.

Do Clean Anything That Touches Your Face

Cell phone, face mask, pillow case, makeup brushes. All of the things we touch daily that can harbor germs and bacteria. Keeping these clean can prevent breakouts from forming.

Do Wear Sun Protection

SPF is the main protector from any sun damage and collagen depletion. Check out our blog post about SPF and its importance.

Keep Your Skin Hydrated + Moisturized

Sometimes after a facial, your skin can feel dry and tight. Keep your skin hydrated with a facial spray or hyaluronic and your skin moisturized. This will help with the feelings of dry or tightness. If your skin is purging after your treatment, keeping it hydrated and moisturized will help the breakouts from progressing.

Book Your Next Treatment

Great skin doesn't happen from one facial, just like a 6-pack doesn't happen after one gym session. Keeping consistent with your facial treatments will help achieve your skin goals.

Some other post facial tips include:

If your treatment is after dark, SPF 'usually" is not applied. No need to wash your face before bed.

Drink lots of water

Trust the process!


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