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Self-Care Treatments When You're Expecting.

Ahh pregnancy, one of the most exciting and anxiety- provoking times in any woman's life. Upon finding out you are pregnant there are many changes that take place, especially with your skin care. 

There are many treatments that are safe for an expecting mother! Please consult with your doctor before getting any skin treatment while pregnant. 

Safe Treatments For A Mommy-To-Be

Customized facials using pregnancy safe skincare.  

These treatments are definitely more relaxing and include hydrating ingredients along with a face and Décolleté massage to help you unwind for all the facial tension. 

Some hydro-dermabrasion devices.

Facial treatments like a HydraFacial are awesome for hydration, exfoliation and extractions. These treatments typically include a chemical exfoliation of glycolic and salicylic acid. Many health care professionals recommend refraining from the use of salicylic acid over 2%. The HydraFacialMD has the option for different percentages of salicylic acid- we recommend either using the lowest percentage or using a different type of exfoliation. 

Waxing and sugaring

These hair removal services are typically safe when you’re expecting. Before your treatment, check to see if the facility you are having your service done is clean and doesn’t double dip! If the environment isn’t clean, it may increase the risk of infection. 

Prenatal massage.

This type of massage is specific for someone expecting. This treatment helps to alleviate stress, increases blood circulation and offers a safe relief of pain. Just be sure you visit a qualified therapist. 

Treatments That Should Be Avoided

Laser treatments. 

Laser treatments including hair removal, IPL or BBL. There are limited studies proving these treatments pregnancy safe. 

Chemical peels. 

Peels during pregnancy are not recommended. These treatments may worsen pigmentation due to fluctuating hormones, can cause miscarriages from absorption of acids into the bloodstream, and may cause scarring. Peels are better to wait to do until you’re finished breastfeeding. 


Any kind of injectable isn’t advised to have done during pregnancy. Just like with laser treatments, there are limited studies proving these treatments are pregnancy safe. 

Most moms-to-be love to be pampered.With a little care and caution, self care during pregnancy can be safe and enjoyable. Always consult with your doctor prior to a self-care service. 


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