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5 Ways To Fight Dry Skin This Winter.

As the temperature turns cold, dry and flaky skin starts to form.

Here are some helpful skin tips I love to recommend to clients that help with the dry skin blues.

Take Lukewarm Showers Over Hot Showers.

Steam from a hot shower or bath tends to dehydrate, and irritate the skin. This happens by stripping the protective barrier and depleting the natural oils. Lukewarm showers or baths even just a few times a week can keep skin hydrated. If your skin feels tight and looks flushed after your bath or shower, your water is too hot.

Exfoliate Two Times A Week.

There are plenty of things to avoid during the winter, but exfoliating isn't one of them. Exfoliating helps with removing the dry, dead skin cells from the surface. When you exfoliate, it reveals softer and smoother looking skin that allows your hydrating products to penetrate effectively and your skin to feel more replenished. One of my favorite winter exfoliants is the Hydrating Enzyme Mask from IMAGE Skincare. This product is an enzyme exfoliant packed with papaya, pineapple and hyaluronic acid to gently exfoliate and hydrate the skin.

Apply Your Skincare Products While Your Skin Is Still Damp.

When your skin is damp, it allows maximum penetration of your skincare products. For best results, apply a hydrating facial spray followed by your serum then moisturizer.

Use A Facial Oil To Seal In All Your Skincare Products.

Facial oils have been my go-to during the cold months. A hydrating facial oil like argan, squalane or sea buckthorn oil over your moisturizer help to lock in hydration. Try to avoid oils like coconut oil and olive oil- as these oils have a larger molecular size and can contribute to clogged pores and acne.

Use A Humidifier To Increase The Skin's Moisture Levels.

Waking up in the morning after blasting the heat all night can only lead to one thing: dry skin. Humidifiers add back moisture to the skin and to air, helping to improve dry or itchy skin, peeling or chapped lips and dry eyes.

Fighting dry skin during the winter can be a struggle, but these tips help for sure! Sometimes its the simple things that make all the difference with your skin. With these tips, you'll stay hydrated and glowing all winter long.


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