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Amazon skincare — Is It Legit Or Counterfeit?

Ahhh Amazon, the perfect place to get everything that you need in a pinch. Although Amazon may be great for home essentials, fun gadgets or electronics, be wary of skincare products.

Amazon is flooded with unauthorized skincare distributors and third party vendors. Many shoppers have received expired or damaged products, with incorrect consistencies and even faulty packaging. You never know what is really inside of that bottle or if it’s safe to use.

If you are buying skincare from Amazon, make sure it is from an authorized retailer or the company themselves. The last thing you want is for a non- authorized retailer or a third party retailer to send you expired products that can potentially harm your skin.

Some ways to clarify if the products are legit are by-

Reading Reviews.

In today’s day and age, we rely on reviews! With other customers’ opinions we can potentially find out if the products are legit or if anybody has had a negative reaction to the product. A few bad reviews should be enough to steer you away from that specific product.

Checking the label, packaging and product consistency.

Most times with knockoff skincare, the label on the package will be completely different from the original. It may be slightly different in color or have incorrect spelling. Just know, a legitimate brand would never sell something like this. Product consistency is another big factor to take into consideration. A knockoff product will smell different and may even be a different color than the original.

Watch out for unrealistic deals.

If it seems too good to be true, it probably is. The reason they’re cheaper is because most likely, the products have not been certified or tested.

Please be aware when purchasing beauty products on Amazon. The last thing you want is to have a negative reaction to something that was advertised as a life-changing product. Amazon may be unbeatable in retail, but when it comes to skincare - purchase with caution!


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